“I sound my barbaric yawp over the rooftops of the world.”

Or rather, Poppy sounds her yawp…

20130425-154426.jpgby Martha


Poor Poppy. She’s recovering today from an awful tummy bug.

Wanted to share these pretty little snowdrops that popped up in my garden today… by Martha

Image 1Image


This year I declared “war on my core”.

Poppy is 2 1/2 years old and when she was born I set in place some goals. One of which, predictably being, get into shape. So I lost the baby weight, ran a half marathon and this year….the core, the tummy, the muffin top (depending on which jeans I wear) will be abolished.

So, this morning I’m attending an intense, focused core workout program at Venus. The program lasts 8 weeks and by the end of it my core will be strong and beautiful.

By Martha

(The source for the photo above is unknown. There is a watermark …but I can’t make it out. It is a pretty tummy though, isn’t it?)





It’s that time of year…teacher gifts! Can I get a whoohaa!
I filled the houses with chocolates and a gift card. Perfect!
You can find the template and directions for these c-u-t-e houses here.

by Martha

Don’t you love mistletoe? The idea that you can hang out underneath and someone will kiss you is exciting and of course, romantic.

I have the felted mistletoe in the picture above hanging in the doorway that enters my kitchen. It’s a very busy location and I’ve received several sweet kisses from my daughters already.

If you’re inclined, check out Clementine, get yourself a bunch and pucker up.

By Martha

NB. Gladys was almost named Clementine and when we didn’t use the name for her, it moved on to the list of possible names for Poppy. So the name is a bit of a third runner-up but still very dear to me.

Photo via Brown Button Trading 

Sometimes I’m a little late to the ballgame.

Example: My mom was telling me about a photographer from Lebanon. In my head I heard Lebanon which for some reason or other (not that I’m taking responsibility or anything) my brain filed away as “My mom is telling me about a photographer who moved to Palestine.  She’s probably a photojournalist”.

Well, my mom kept bringing up this photographer and I kept thinking to myself, “Why does my mom keep talking about this woman?! Jeez, what’s with the sudden interest in photography?! Knock it off already woman.” Over and over again for the past two months my mom has been talking about this photographer so I finally ask her why she keeps talking about the photojournalist who moved to Palestine and how does this relate to me.

Now, you must know that my mom is apt to hitting her grown children. And she hits fast and hard. Let’s just say I was lucky that I didn’t get hit.

Turns out my mom kept bringing up the photographer because she was organizing our family portraits.  And as you can imagine we weren’t going to Palestine to have the photojournalist take our pictures. We were going to Lebanon….Ohio, 20 minutes up the road, to have our pictures taken.

So, as you can see from my little story…I can be a bit late to the ball game. Which helps to explain why I am finally getting around to listing what I am thankful for.  All month on Facebook my friends have been posting their lists of what they are thankful for, Design Mom posted her list (on schedule and inspiring as always) and we just celebrated Thanksgiving so I figure this listing of what you are thankful for must be a thing that people are doing. As such, here’s my list:

  1. My Red Hair (yes, Red Hair is a proper noun)
  2. People routinely thinking that I am in my early 30’s! (see item 7 which is a clear indication that I am much, much older)
  3. My freckles
  4. Bathroom humor
  5. Cuss words
  6. Coffee
  7. MiraLAX
  8. C-Sections
  9. My boobs
  10. Very early morning runs (It’s interesting that I listed this directly after “my boobs” which can get in the way during my early morning runs)
  11. Iambic Pentameter
  12. My silly family – all of them!
  13. God’s grace and love
  14. the patience of those people who love me (I can be a bit….pushy, not that it’s my fault)
  15. I’m thankful that I can call my mom at any moment and ask her how to spell a word and she’ll give me a synonym that we both can spell.
  16. And finally, I’m thankful that I am always right and rarely do anything wrong (my mom made me put this on my list, for the life of me I can’t figure out why).

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


20121121-091820.jpg By Martha

Mornings are rough kid.

ImageBy Martha

For several days, this little leaf was stuck in one of my pin cushion flowers.  It was such a cute leaf because of its tiny size but its colors were so brilliant that it seemed large and showy. It kept catching my eye and it was one of those leaves that makes you stop and comment about how wonderful Fall is…that pause in the day where you appreciate everything you have and how beautiful the world is.  

That pretty little leaf, pinned in place blew away as all leaves eventually do. But I’m so glad that it got the chance to stand out, be watched and appreciated.   

20121112-203541.jpg By Martha

The girls were working on some crafts together this weekend. Poor Poppy Lou was sick with Bronchiolitis and feverish but she mustered up the strength to spend some time with Gladys.

Poppy is 2 and is finally old enough to get the concept of playing together so when the girls do play together, spend actual time together I like to step back and observe them. Their sweetness with each other is touching. They whisper to each other and Poppy will repeat what Glad says and she intently listens to her. Their little giggles grow into bursts of loud laughter and screams.

I am so thankful to witness this relationship that is growing between these two people.

(wanted to add that I am the youngest of three. I have two older brothers. So the sister thing is new to me. And it’s fascinating. Often times as a mom I am “in the tall grass”, so focused on being the mom to my girls that I don’t get to really see them as the people they are at this moment. So when I do get the chance to step back and watch….man! It is fantastic!)


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